Good luck to all my students taking exams today! :)


Blog #1 The Branding of Music

I was watching tv the other day, as you do, and it went to the commercial break. My ears pricked up when i heard a tune i liked quite a bit. It was "You make my dreams" by Hall and…

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I'm pleased that i am getting more purchases all the time of the EBTG Night and Day music, it was really enjoyable to put together and a fun project.

Thanks for the support

I can make videos and…

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Have started using a new thing called Soundslice for video lessons, come and have a look Click here



Exam results

Another set of Great exam results came through!

2x Grade 1

2x Grade 2

Grade 4 electric

Grade 5 


well done to all

String changing and fretboard/body clean

I recommend a string change every 6 months or when the strings are discoloured or showing signs of damage/fraying

This is a service i am now offering for £10 + cost of the strings. I use good quality strings…

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Some excellent exam results from my Guitar and Ukulele-ists, Well Done!!!

Also coming soon- Flash cards for chords and scales will be available to buy in the store, these will be great for preparing memorising parts



Am pleased to announce Guitar Book 2 is now available for my students to order in Store! . More books to come which will be more
style based eg Rock, Blues, Jazz.

Rockschool Grade 7

Congratulations to Adam, one of my more advanced Electric Guitar students, who has just achieved grade 7. Well Done!